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My Story Inspiration for Robyn a Christmas Bride

My Story Inspiration
By Jacqui Nelson

The spirit of gift-giving is an inspiration and as an author, I love pondering what inspires people and what might inspire my characters. 

When writing my second Christmas story, I asked can a gift be so special that it inspires the transformation of a relationship and launches a grand love affair? Words like priceless and selfless sprang to mind and became part of not only my story, Robyn: A Christmas Bride, but its Story Inspiration page (a page I've included in the back of all of my books). Here's that page...

Robyn A Christmas Bride book cover


Story Inspiration page ~ from the back of the book

When I started pondering a plot for my Christmas story, my first question was, what should the theme be? Is there a classic Christmas tale with an uplifting theme that many people might recognize or at least relate to? The Gift of the Magi became my first inspiration when writing Robyn: A Christmas Bride. 

The Gift of the Magi (written by O. Henry and published in 1905) features the themes of selfless gift-giving and how the gift of love is priceless. In that story, a husband and wife each sell their most valuable possession, but they are items that can be grown again (hair) or can be bought back again (a watch). I wondered what if the thing you valued most was sustaining a way of life that you’d struggled a long time to create and that now defined your entire self-worth? Could you give that up if it meant ensuring the happiness of a loved one? That might be the ultimate selfless gift to give.

My next thought was having a heroine who was a trouser-wearing tomboy who loved driving wagons in 1877, a time when society wasn’t very accommodating about women’s appearances and occupations that strayed from the norm. So…what if my heroine decided she needed to do something drastic to win the heart of the man she loved? Changing yourself to please another person (even if they haven’t asked you to) might be considered another selfless gift. So…what is a classic transformation story? My Fair Lady and its heroine Eliza Doolittle were my next inspiration. 

My Fair Lady (released in 1964 as a movie starring Audrey Hepburn) focuses on speech lessons, but Eliza’s transform also includes her appearance—her clothing, hair, the way she carries herself, and more. It’s a life-changing transformation that is difficult for Eliza and takes hard work and sacrifice—for her own good (a chance at better job prospects) but also, as time goes on, to please her instructors. 

So…selfless giving and self-sacrifice. Ready. Set. Go. Write a Christmas story. 

I hope you enjoyed Robyn: A Christmas Bride as much as I enjoyed not only writing the story but also giving Robyn Llewellyn and Max Peregrine their hard-won and well-deserved Christmas gifts.

Hello Robyn


Noelle, Colorado –  Christmas 1877

Who’s the perfect match for a flame-haired Welsh tomboy who loves driving wagons?

 by three free-spirited older brothers, Robyn Llewellyn has learned to fight for what she wants—and now she wants to transform her boss and best friend, Max Peregrine, into a lifelong partner. Determined to become the image of what a marriage-minded man wants, Robyn trades her trousers for a dress and heads to Max’s hometown of Noelle, Colorado. But changing who she is with the help of the now happily married Brides of Noelle puts her friendship with Max at risk.

Who’s the perfect match for a work-addicted Denver business owner who loves his independence?

Defying his brother and grandpa’s wishes for him to stay with them in Noelle, Max Peregrine has created his dream job—leading a highly successful branch of Peregrines’ Post and Freight while working beside Robyn, the only person who makes him smile every day. But when she leaves without a word, Max follows her to Noelle where the choices they both must face could make it impossible for them to stay together beyond Christmas Day.

Inspired by My Fair Lady, The Gift of the Magi, and the spirit of gift-giving, Robyn: A Christmas Bride is a classic Western historical love story set in a small town high in the mountains during Christmas 1877.

Meet Your Match in Noelle



The Calling Birds - Christmas 1876
Robyn: A Christmas Bride - Christmas 1877

Spend Christmas in Noelle

Hope you enjoyed my writing inspiration and that your December is merry and brightand filled with all of your favorite gifts be they store-bought or homemade or (one of my favorites) the gift of time spent together ❤️🎄🎁🥂🎉

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Julie Lence said...

I loved The Gift of the Magi and My Fair Lady. What a fantastic idea to combine both into one story! Thank you for sharing, Jacqui.

Jacqui Nelson said...

Wonderful to hear you loved them, Julie! I was hoping many people would but as always one can never be sure. Thanks for commenting, Julie ❤️