Tuesday, December 21, 2021

KISSING UNDER THE MISTLETOE By Kathleen Lawless @Kathleenlawless


           Mrs. B bustled in carrying a bowl full of punch.  “Look at you two under the mistletoe.”

          Noelle looked up in dismay.  Grant’s lips quirked in amusement.  “So we are.  Merry Christmas, my dear.”  He placed a finger under her chin and held it still for his kiss.  “May tonight mark the first of many joyous celebrations.”  His lips settled over hers, warm and full and sweetly familiar.  She started to melt into his embrace, parted her lips slightly, ready for more, when the door knocker banged loudly. 

          Grant pulled back, and stroked her full bottom lip with the tip of his finger.  “We’ll get back to this later.”  And tucking her arm through his, he flung open the door to admit the first of their guests.  From Mail Order Noellehttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B09GNYZD23

          Mistletoe history dates back thousands of years as a healing herb and romantic overtones likely began with the Celtic Druids.  Because mistletoe blossomed even during the frozen winter, Druids administered it to humans and animals in hopes of restoring fertility.  This association continued through the Middle Ages, and by the 18th century was incorporated into Christmas celebrations where the kissing tradition first caught on among the servants before spreading to the middle class.  Men were allowed to steal a kiss from any woman standing beneath it.  To refuse was considered bad luck.

          I particularly like the tradition where the kissing couple is to pluck a single berry from the mistletoe with each kiss, and stop once the berries are all gone.  I haven’t used that yet in a Christmas romance, but as you can see from the above excerpt, mistletoe is a useful prop. especially if either of the smitten couple is shy about making the first move. 

Mail Order Noelle is part of the Impostor for Christmas series.  You can see the series here.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09KRGTCZX

USA Today Bestselling author Kathleen Lawless blames a misspent youth watching Rawhide, Maverick and Bonanza for her fascination with cowboys, which doesn’t stop her from creating a wide variety of interests and occupations for her many alpha male heroes.   

Her hero, Steele, in HER UNDERCOVER COWBOY, is a modern-day cowboy, so when she was wooed by a man called Steel— while he’s not a cowboy, he is an alpha male and her forever hero.  Which is why all of her stories end Happily Ever After.

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Julie Lence said...

Interesting piece of history, Kathleen. I had no mistletoe went back that far. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

kathleen Lawless said...

Thanks, Jule. Merry Christmas to you and your family.