Friday, June 3, 2022

A Room with a View ~ Raine Rochelle

Do the conditions in which you write make a difference to your stories? I’m sure someone somewhere has undertaken a lot of painstaking research on the matter resulting in an abundance of analytical data. My thoughts on the subject? Maybe. 

I live in a small cottage, which is a barn conversion, on a large farm. My rooms have thick, wooden beams on the ceilings, some of which still contain old hooks and chains, etc, which must have originally served a purpose. Now, though, they come in extremely handy when hanging my Christmas decorations, and offer some good conversation pieces for my visitors. (see below)

My L-shaped writing area surrounds a window, as I prefer natural light to work in, and a view to gaze at while plotting or procrastinating. Just outside the window is a small courtyard with a stone wall lining a field on one side. The field can be seen through the metal fence, as can the far-reaching countryside beyond it. A large horse chestnut tree over hangs the wall, its seasonal blossoms falling like snowflakes, and later the conkers gleaming from their broken shells as they lay strewn across the courtyard. Right now, it’s huge, hand-shaped leaves are thick and luscious; a deep green colour that I know will change with the seasons. I love trees, and this one is very majestic and beautiful.

Further in the distance the countryside gives way to the rolling hills that cradle the area. Hills I keep promising myself I’ll climb one day, but haven’t yet got around to doing so.

It’s easy to imagine cowboys riding over the undulating terrain, and horses grazing in the lush fields and lowlands. In actuality, the farm is arable, with crops taking up the fields that aren’t left fallow for the season, and there is more likely to be sheep on the hills, although, in some places away from the farm, horses are left to graze on the pasture. Being near the Welsh border means we get our fair share of rainfall, which gives the grass and crops a lush, greenness which isn’t quite as prevalent in other areas.

In all, although not strictly necessary, I think living so far out in the country makes writing cowboy romances an easy choice, and, although imagination and creativity can carry a writer a long way, I think the inspiration that comes from this area definitely helps my stories. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I love writing them.

Raine x 


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