Thursday, June 23, 2022

Hunks & Horses Box Set ~ Maggie Carpenter

 Hello Cowboy Kisses:

Take a look at my newly released box set; 4 of your favorites novels all in one place!  

TO KISS A COWBOY: When wealthy heiress Connie Masters discovers her fiancé has been cheating she immediately calls off the wedding. Finding herself confused and conflicted, she turns to her handsome barn manager for support and advice.

Caleb King has been attracted to the blue-eyed, strong-willed beauty from the moment they met. When she unexpectedly shows up at his cabin in tears he comforts her, and the embers of their smoldering attraction quickly flame to life.

But Connies former fiancé has an evil scheme to steal her money and ruin her life, and just as he sets it into motion, Caleb has a bizarre encounter with a mysterious mountain lion.

Is the sudden appearance of the big cat a coincidence?


TO CATCH A COWBOY: Can a girl from the city find love in the arms of a country cowboy?

Horse trainer Josh Brady has noticed a chocolate-eyed beauty in a leather jacket sitting the bleachers watching him teach. When they finally meet he discovers her name is Theresa, shes from the inner city, and has a sassy tongue and an attitude to match. In spite of her tough exterior, he warns her to be careful.

A villain has been terrorizing the women in the small community. When she learns one of the detectives believes Josh is the guilty party, shes determined to clear his name and throws herself into the middle of the dangerous operation.

Can Josh stop her before she becomes the next victim?

TO CON A COWBOY: Is she conning the country music superstar, or is he the one pulling the strings?

Wannabe author Amber Scott has just been hired by superstar Brett Preston to help him write his memoirs. But Amber has been sent by someone with a hidden agenda. After being swept away by his dark, decadent passion, he tells her partners in crime she won't go through with their wicked scheme. But they box her into an impossible corner. 

Suffering through life-changing challenges, Brett found strength and guidance from Native American wisdom and hopes it will help him through the days ahead. Hiring the beautiful, blue-eyed blonde is a roll of the dice--the scariest hes ever taken.  When he confesses his secret, she’ll either make him deliriously happy, or he’ll be devastated.

If she confesses, she could lose him.  If she doesn't, he could lose everything.

But how will she react when he admits what he’s done?


TO TRUST A COWBOY: Natalie Beaumont is speechless.  Handsome cowboy Dylan Clark has just threatened to put her over his knee.

Thrown together at the annual Western Championships, Dylan is determined to find out why the feisty young woman continues to reject him after sharing a heart -stopping kiss the year before.

But his need to know suddenly takes a back seat when an odd series of mishaps almost prevents her from competing. When he uncovers the man behind the chaos and his nefarious scheme, Dylan orders Natalie to steer clear while he deals with it.

But Natalie has a mind of her own.


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