Friday, August 5, 2022

Working on a New Series ~ Raine Rochelle

Hi there, I hope this finds you well. I’m busy putting together the

next four books which will follow on from the The Billionaires of

Brightside Ranch, and follow their cousins, the Johnson Brothers. I

thought it was time to introduce you to the star of the first book in

the series, so here he is!

Meet Tyler Johnson…



Being the eldest of the Johnson brothers isn’t always easy – in fact it’s

seldom easy! I know the guys sometimes think I’m just bossy and a little

too hard on them, but the fact is, there are times when I have to be.

Dad’s not getting any younger, and I know that one day I’ll be called

upon to take over the running of the family ranch. Trouble is, Dad’s a

little too set in his ways and reluctant to teach me all I need to know to fill

his boots when that day comes. I’ve tried explaining to him that having

me learn the ropes would make life easier on him, as well as prepare me

for my future role, but he’s as stubborn as a mule sometimes and just

doesn’t seem to want to show me the books or anything. I’ve spoken to


Mom about it, but she says that we have to respect that he’s the head of

the household, and knows what he’s doing. I sure hope she’s right!

And then there’s the band. We’ve always been into country music as a

family, and it only seemed right that we boys would form our own band

one day. The Johnson Brothers (catchy name, huh?!) started off just

playing at small gigs, but have since won a few competitions and made

a bit of a name for ourselves. Pat O’Malley owns the large bar in

Brightside and he asked us to play there a time or two. The girls, in

particular, seem to enjoy our music, and we must be doing something

right, as we now play there quite regularly. Everyone knows us, and we

rarely have to buy our own drinks. Well, every job should have its perks,


As well as playing in the band I’m also the one who manages it. Kind of.

I usually book the gigs, and we all discuss which numbers we want to

play at each one. I’ve been trying for the past couple of years to land us

something real big, and have one or two ideas up my sleeve, but haven’t

told the guys yet in case they get disappointed if it doesn’t work out.

Lately, though, I’ve been working extra hard to secure us a good event

as I think we all need something good to focus on. Dad’s driving us real

hard on the ranch right now, and won’t say why, which is a worry to me

but a real pain to my younger brothers who just see it as unnecessary

extra pressure.

I’ve got a beautiful girlfriend, Sasha, who works over at Brightside Real

Estate. She’s real good at her job – and can be very persuasive! Not

only is she gorgeous to look at, that girl also has a heart of gold. Despite

being treated badly by her last boyfriend, she’s as warm and kind as

they come. She’s becoming almost like part of the family around here,

as she gets along with everyone, especially my mom. I really love her

but we’re just taking things slow right now – we’ve both got a lot going


Did I mention that I’m tall, dark and handsome? Probably not, as I’m not

one to brag, lol! Actually, when I say tall I’m talking way over six feet. 6’

7” to be exact. I’m kind of noticeable in a crowd!

Well, that’s about all I can say about myself right now. I look forward to

getting to know you, and hope you enjoy reading my story when it gets  

released this summer. Till then, take good care of yourself, and keep it


I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing from Tyler, and that you’ll look out for the first

book of the new series The Johnsons of Junova which is due to be released in

August 2022.

Take care,


PS – If you haven’t read them yet, there’s still time to catch up with The

Billionaires of Brightside Ranch and The Brides of Brightside Ranch here:

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Julie Lence said...

Best of luck on the new series, Raine, and gosh. he is a handsome devil!