Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Hair, Shoes & Jewelry ~ Julie Lence

Women world-wide are faced with the same decision everyday--what to wear. Once out of the shower and standing before the closet, those who work outside the home are faced with deciding if they should wear a dress or pants, what shoes go best with the outfit (and are they comfortable for all day wear), how to arrange their hair, and what jewelry to add to the ensemble. Those who are home are more likely to opt for comfy sweat pants, slippers (that's me!) and maybe some jewelry. But women of today's times aren't the only generation to face this daily challenge. Our comrades before us met with the same plight. Those living on a farm or ranch most likely had a quick two minutes to scramble into a skirt and apron before they dashed into the kitchen to light the stove and get the coffee cooking. Those who had the luxury of sleeping in (and a maid) had more time to ponder the day's wardrobe. It's these women of the 1800's I'm featuring today and some on the choices they may have made each morning.       

Here are some hairstyles. I'm partial to #.


courtesy of Trendium

courtesy of Whizzpast

courtesy of Trendium

Take a look at these shoes. #3 doesn't look comfortable. 

courtesy of Shoe Zone

courtesy of
History of boots


Jewelry to finish the ensemble




courtesy 1st Dibs

Based on the wardrobes, I am Thankful to be living in this generation! 


Sandra Cox said...

Those shoes don't look comfortable, but they sure are cute:)

Julie Lence said...

That they are!