Sunday, January 22, 2023

New Year New Goals

Welcome back to Ruthie L Maniers Cowboy Kisses blog! I hope you all had a perfect holiday season and are enjoying the start to 2023! Let’s pray it is better than the last three years. Year after year on New Years Day I make resolutions. I tend to break them soon after. I think most of us do without even realizing. let's face it, life gets busy as we go about are daily routines and the resolutions get lost in the hustle and bustle. This year I decided not to make any resolution’s. I will write out my goals instead. I think filling out the 2023 calendar will be benificial, and setting reminders on my phone will be helpful as well. Truth be told I suck at setting goals and keeping to a routine. I want to get better. If you have any tips that will help I would appreciate hearing from you. Please and thank you. My number one goal is to write more book’s in the three western romance genre series I have already published. Chasing Time, The Clayton Boy’s, and A Miracle for Santa. my WIP is the fourth book in the Clayton Boys. The story is starring Peyton Cooper, little John Coopers long lost brother.
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Goal number two is finances. I want to make more money. Who doesn’t? Right? I’ll be sixty-two in March. Yikes! Early retirement from my day job is what I want. I’m thinking about hiring a consultant to help with this goal. Third goal is more family time. My family means the world to me and I would like to spend more time with them.
Lastly, I want to spread more kindness throughout the world in my stories and real life. I think if everyone took more time to spread compassion, we would all live happier lives. Don't you? I pray you all have a great month! Valentines Day is coming so don’t forget to show the ones you love how special they are. You can find my book’s on Amazon Kindle. follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagra. Thank you for joining me today on Cowboy Kisses!


Julie Lence said...

Happy 2023, Ruthie! I am like you. I don't make resolutions because I don't keep them and then I feel guilty. Best of luck with the goals you've set. Hugs!

Ruthie Manier said...

Thank you, Julie.