Tuesday, January 17, 2023

We like them big, round, and juicy by Rhonda Lee Carver


Here's a list of BIG, ROUND, and JUICY things that we all (most) LOVE!

1. Pickles

Dill, Bread and Butter, Cornichons, Sour, Kosher, Gherkins, Garlic...there are so many to choose from. You can eat them on burgers, chicken, meat loaf, but I like them on fried rice too.

2. Pizza

The bigger the better.

3. Apples

Did you know that there are more than 7,500 varieties? I feel like I need to try each and every one.

4. Oranges

5. Butts

I had to throw that in there because I know you all were thinking it. We all want a big, rounded bottom. Here are some women who have "popular" booties (can't promise they're all natural).


Kim Kardashian

Sofia Vergara

Nicki Minaj

Iggy Azalea


Now for something BIG and JUICY!

I have a new release that I'm excited to share.


A single father is looking for a nanny, but what he gets is an old flame.

Whiskey Ryder spends most of his time on the back of a horse on a mountain. Whether it’s on a search and rescue mission, or on the Ryde Hard Ranch working the land with his brothers. He’s all about being a cowboy…and a single father of a preteen who woke up one morning hating him. He’s been told it’s a normal phase for all kids, but he’s like a parenting fish out of water. He’s a millisecond away from chewing leather but his stunning first love comes back to town and, to his relief, has a way with his daughter...and his heart.

They are better together than whiskey and cola but claiming a second chance won’t be easy because someone sees her as a threat and wants her to leave town…dead or alive.

Codee Fields finds herself helping an old friend—old friend as in the cowboy who was her first love, first kiss, first everything. She’s had a couple of failed relationships, but Whiskey is “the one who got away”. Her priority is to solve the mystery of her sister’s death now that she knows the truth.

Whiskey will protect her at all costs, but will it be enough for a second chance at romance? Or will tragedy strike and everything he’s wanted disappear?

If small town romances with lots of emotion and adventures in the mountains, and sweltering chemistry between the lead characters, are what you crave then grab books by Rhonda Lee Carver.


“Hell, there are a lot of people I thought I knew and I was way off mark.” He opened the bottom drawer to the desk and took out the small envelope that had been stored there for years. He set it in front of her, watching realization cover over her expression. “I’ve kept it all these years. It belongs to you.”

Did her eyes become misty? He wasn’t sure because she blinked and the moisture was gone.

“I sent it back to you,” she said softly.

“What the hell will I do with it? I’ve thought about pawning the diamond for a couple of bucks but can’t seem to find the motivation. Maybe I should just toss it into the trash just like you did with our relationship.” Damn, once the words were out, he wanted to reel them back in. He swore he’d keep his trajectory on business only and less than fifteen minutes later he’d lost his internal GPS. He opened his mouth to tell her to ignore that statement, but he was too late.

“You really think you’re something, don’t you?” She lost some of her composure. “The man who cheated with my best friend. I guess you would have the courage to pretend complete innocence.” Her nose wrinkled.

“Wow. You certainly know everything, don’t you?”

“I’m pretty good at math. Theresa would have gotten pregnant while you and I were still together.” Her skin paled. “Just so we’re clear, I needed you and you were distant. Now I understand why.”

He laughed. What else could he do? “Since you’re so good with math, you should be good at English too. I just got home from fighting in a war, carrying real guns—big guns—and saw death. Lots of death and destruction. I needed you too.”

Her bottom lip quivered. “Well, I guess Theresa filled in for me quite nicely.”

He ground his teeth. “You think you can waltz back into town and pretend like nothing happened?”

One corner of her mouth twisted. “Are you suggesting that I have something to feel guilty about?” Her icy laugh sent a chill through him. “That’s rich, Whiskey, seeing that you …” She didn’t finish. Instead, she exhaled slowly and some of the harsh lines disappeared from her face. “It doesn’t matter any longer. I didn’t come here to rehash the past. That’s history and so we should leave it there.” She stood and leaned on her hands on the edge of the desk. Her scent got caught in the swirl of the ceiling fan and spun around him, making him feel a little dizzy. “Here’s the deal. I can’t help the past is in the past and I won’t regurgitate it like a cat hawking up a hairball and descend into all its ugly details. Facts are facts. Let’s agree to disagree and move on. We can help each other.”

Breathing in deeply, he nodded. “Fine by me. Take the ring or toss it in the trashcan on your way out the door.” He tapped the envelope.

With a groan, she swiped it up and walked out.

She hugged the envelope to her chest and felt an internal pain. He could never understand how hard it had been to end things with him.


Julie Lence said...

Congrats on the new release, Rhonda! And the best butt is a Wrangler butt, lol! (Think George Strait)

Beverly Blank said...

Congratulations on this new release & series. It sounds great & I can’t wait to get into it.