Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Embracing that Cowboy Slang ~ Julie Lence


Cowboys are a rare breed. They work hard, live by a strict moral code, and love fiercely. They also have their own jargon. Since I haven’t shared some of that jargon in a long spell, today I’m taking you back to some popular words and phrases of the old west. (Taken from Western Words by Ramon F Adams and available at Amazon. Paperback IBSN: 978-0781805902) 

All horns and rattles- said of one displaying a fit of temper

Body Spin- trick roping term. Spinning a wide loop over the head down around the body.

Case of slow- the loser in a gun fight

Curly wolf- a tough character

Fizzy- a range horse with a bushy tail

Grass-bellied with spot cash- rich, to have plenty

Heating his axles- a person running swiftly on foot

Jewelry chest- an outside box on the front of the chuck wagon for storing hobbles, extra cartridges, and anything else needed in a hurry in case of an emergency

Ketch hand- one whose duty it is to rope calves for branding

Last year’s bronc- a horse in his 2nd season of work

Made a nine in his tail- a man or a beast leaving in a hurry

Phildoodle- a drugstore cowboy. One who imitates the cowboy in dress and speech

Piggin’ string- a short rope used for hog-tying

Ride herd on a woman- one courting a woman

Sachet kitten- a skunk

Skin string- slang for a rawhide rope

Taking leather- grabbing the saddle horn when riding a bucking horse

Techy as a teased snake- one in bad humor, or one easy to anger

Wagon manners- term to describe good behavior

Wreck pan- receptacle in a cow camp for dirty dishes


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