Wednesday, November 15, 2023

What do cowboys want for Christmas? by Rhonda Lee Carver


What do cowboys want? That's a question that is asked a lot in my books. The staples are easy. A sturdy hat to block out the sun. Cowhide gloves. A work jacket that can handle the rough wear and tear of ranch life. Monogrammed belt buckles. Engraved horseshoes. Etched whiskey glasses...I could go on.

But what if you want to make a lasting impression on a cowboy?

Do they want a personalized calendar of the lady in their life? Sexy pictures? 


Sleep under the stars with him. Learn how to wrangle like a real cowgirl (unless you're already one). 

What would you do to impress a cowboy?

“I have to say, I sort of miss the truck bed days. Some of my fondest memories include Strawberry wine, the stars, and you.”
“What are we doing, Rip?” she whispered.
“Following fate’s lead?” He cocked a thick brow.
“I can’t do this.” She backed up a step. Needing to put some space between them before she did something very stupid, and very good.
“Can’t or won’t?” The husky tinge to his voice made her inner thighs tremble with yearning.

Rip Ryder’s Second Chance is a novel of high school sweethearts who reunite to rekindle a rare passion and confront the past.

As teens, Noelle Evelyn and Rip Ryder fell deeply in love. Their passion seemed to defy the odds of disapproving parents, youth and unforeseen obstacles…until high school graduation rolled around. One drunken night changed the future.

Years later, Noelle returns to Second Chance after the death of a friend only to face the lingering ghosts of her past. The memory of Rip has haunted her every day since they broke up. Her life might have moved forward, she’s now a single mom of a toddler, but her heart stays frozen in a time when love was all that mattered.

Noelle has carried a secret to protect others that will unravel. Will the demons of the past draw them together, or rip them apart again? Will an endless love endure the pain? Rip was willing to do anything to protect the only love he’d ever known, but can he save her?

Rip Ryder's Second Chance is the last installment of the series. This book will have you cheering for Noelle and Rip as they face demons from their past, and a secret that has lingered too long.

Rhonda always likes to connect with her readers.










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