Monday, November 13, 2023

My exciting news from Kentucky! by Jan Scarbrough

First, I have a new website! Take a look!!

Thanks to Jessica at Meet Cute Creative for the design. 


Second, I’m having three of the Ghost Mountain Ranch series books made into audio books. I can’t wait! When I heard the trial read of one chapter, I couldn’t believe I’d written it. The audio version made the chapter and characters come alive. I’ll let you know when they are finished.


Will the revelation of more shocking secrets from the past destroy their hopes for the future? The Ghost Mountain Ranch series is a good blend of mystery and romance.


Ghost Mountain Ranch is a series of books that should be read together if you’re going to discover the mystery included in the romances of the main characters. That’s why I collected the three books together in one set. The paperback has all four books in it.


The fourth book is a novella about Hank, a secondary character from the series Dawsons of Montana. Hank goes on to become Darby’s love interest in Ghost Mountain Ranch.


Hank brings two romantic series together: The Dawsons of Montana and Ghost Mountain Ranch!

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Julie Lence said...

Congratulations on both, Jan! That's fantastic.