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Mr. Galloway and his Cabin


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Walter Galloway was born in Scotland around 1830. He arrived in El Paso County around 1867 when he was thirty-seven. He worked as a day laborer, according to the 1870 census, and had built his cabin to take advantage of the Homestead Act of 1862. Unfortunately, he couldn't legally file until the land was surveyed in 1871. 

In 1874 he must have saved enough to buy the 160 acres outright. He traveled to the land office in Pueblo, Pueblo County, Colorado, and worked out a revised deal that allowed him to purchase the land for somewhere between $170-200. This was a nice sum, but Mr. Galloway soon sold the homestead to the Chambers Family for $1,400. The Chambers family tore down the original cabin when they further developed the land, including planting an orchard.

Galloway Cabin in Winter
Photo (C) Doris McCraw

This land is now part of the Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation Department and a Living History Museum within the property which contains the Garden of the Gods.

The cabin, a replica of the 24'x18' original, sits on an area that they believe is north of where the original cabin stood. The major difference between the original and the replica is a front and back door as opposed to the one door in the original.

What happened to Mr. Galloway after he sold the property is still to be found, but he left a legacy for future generations. His replica is now part of the story told of the early days of El Paso County and Garden of the Gods through the Rock Ledge Ranch Living History Museum.

This small cabin gives the visitor a glimpse of the life lived by the early pioneers in this high plains desert of Colorado. 

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