Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Who is Joseph Wayne? by Rhonda Lee Carver


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Hi! I'm Joseph Wayne. I really don't like doing things like this but it's part of the role, huh? Let's see, I get asked a lot what it's like to be a popular country singer. I tend to think it's a lot like a lipstick-wearing pig walking down Main Street. Some think it's cute and some think it's ridiculous. It can go either way. My favorite things are ice cream, rides at sunset, putting the last few words on a new song, and most importantly, seeing Milly and my daughter, JoJo. Did y'all know that I recently found out that I have a daughter? If you want to know more you gotta read the book.  

I guess I should apologize to all the readers that were pissed off at me. Sure, I understand, but can you see why I left? Yeah...I know, I deserve your anger. But I get better. I do. This is why they say hindsight is 20/20.

The man. The legend. The cowboy. And the second chance.

He left her at the altar to pursue his dreams of becoming a country music star. Ten years later, he returns home and faces his high school sweetheart who has a child with his brother. Turns out, things might be a tad more complicated.

Dr. Milani Vance has stayed focused on raising her daughter and growing her career. Her past is in the rearview mirror until Joseph Wayne Mason strolls back into Whiskey Fork and sends her life into a vortex. And a need she'd buried a long, long time ago.

Joseph has it all. Career, money, freedom, and fans that adore him. What more could he want?

He’s about to find out because an old flame burns hotter and brighter. And he has a new title. "Daddy".

Joseph and Milani still love each other, but sometimes healing can take years. Will their daughter bring them back together? Or is a past that's riddled with pain better left hidden deep behind steel walls?

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