Monday, May 20, 2024

The Land of Oz


   On a recent trip to Nebraska, I went on over to Kansas and explored the Oz Museum. A lovely gem in the town of Wamego, Kansas. 

The museum has an extensive collection of memorabilia from the 1939 MGM film "The Wizard of Oz," including consumes, props, and personal items from the cast. Artifacts include the original movie scripts, production notes, and autographed photos by Judy Garland and the cast.

The Yellow Brick Road leads you through the museum and the various scenes from the story, each carefully recreated with detailed backdrops and life-sized figures of the characters. All your favorites are there. Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion. Even the Wicked Witch and Glenda.

An exhibit dedicated to the author, showcasing his other works and providing insight into his inspirations for writing the Oz series. I didn't know there were so many books in the series. It would be neat to be able to read them all. It was also interesting to see how many Oz books were later written by different authors. I bought Wicked from the gift shop before I left.

  The museum has the ruby slippers and Dorothy's dress on display as well as many other costumes from the movie. There is so much behind the scenes information that I never knew and fascinating stories of the munchkins. The ballerina munchkin's dress and story are in a display. Various dolls, toys, and even nutcrackers of the characters were there as well.

  A few doors down from the museum is the Oz Winery with I sampled several different wines. All were good and I bought a bottle of Squished Witch. There were so many fun names for the wines that tied into the Land of Oz. 

   Across the street from the museum is the gateway to the Yellow Brick Road that takes you between two buildings to see Wizard of Oz paintings on the walls. If you continue down the path, you will come to a nice little cafe/bakery and then to the city park. It's a great way to spend a few hours. As you stroll down the street, there are many statues of Toto painted in various ways.

I would highly recommend going to see this fascinating little town and taking in all the sights. 


Julie Lence said...

Kiddo and I just drove through Kansas and I remember seeing a sign for Wamego, but I don't remember seeing a sign for the museum. Glad you visited and shared what you learned. It's always fun to have a peek behind the scenes to beloved movies. Thanks for sharing T.K.

GiniRifkin said...

That sure looks like a fun place to visit. And wine too!