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Interview with Creel Weston ~ Julie Lence

Last month I sat down and talked with Racine Weston from No Luck At All. This month, I’m talking with her husband, and hero, Creel Weston, in the privacy of his home.   

Hello, Creel. Thank you for chatting with me today. What did can you tell us about Racine? What did you think when you 1st met her?

Racine’s father is a doctor, and my professor. Every year he has a fancy supper for his interns. I honestly didn’t want to attend, thought to pick up more work at the docks. But Dr. Somerfield insisted I join him and the other interns, so I went… and I thank God that I did. Racine was sitting beside her mother staring at the floor. Her father introduced us and when she lifted her chin, I thought I was gonna pass out. With her auburn hair and pale blue eyes, she was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

What was your 2nd thought?

That I wasn’t leaving Boston without her. Somehow, some way, she was going to marry me.

We know you and she wed before you left Boston, but Racine said you changed the night of your wedding. Why?

Before I proposed to Racine, her father blackmailed me. He said if I didn’t marry her, I wouldn’t graduate. At the time, he didn’t know I was already looking at rings and planning to propose to Racine. She made my blood pound in ways no woman ever had, but Somerfield wouldn’t give me a chance to explain. He said Racine and I were to remain in Boston, where I’d go into practice with him and live in some grand house, that this was what Racine wanted.  All this time I thought her sweet and innocent, not selfish and conniving.

I married her hoping to find some common ground with her, because fool that I am, I still loved her. Even thought that maybe in time she’d forget her spoiled ways and love me for who I am and not for who she wanted me to be, but when I intercepted her return ticket to Boston, I was sure she’d never warm up to my modest home on a ranch, or support the clinic I planned to open. The only way to find out for sure was to ask her.

Did you?

I did.

What did she say?

(Grinning) You’ll have to read the story to find out…

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GiniRifkin said...

Fun way to introduce your characters and tempt the readers!

Julie Lence said...

Thank you, Gini!