Monday, April 15, 2024

Leavenworth Washington


  On my travels through Washington, I stayed in Leavenworth. It's a fun little Bavarian town with lots of beer and German food. Established in 1885, it became a home to many during the construction of the Great Northern Railway in 1892.  Highway 2 was constructed over the railbed in later years. The railroad was relocated to Wenatchee in 1925, leaving Leavenworth to lose people and business. The town survived on tourism and it was a favorite place for skiing. In the mid-1960's the Bavarian theme began to boost tourism.

  Set in the Cascade Mountains, it's the perfect setting for a little Bavarian village. A horsedrawn carriage will take you around the little village. Authentic German food and bakeries (and lots of beer) add to the appeal. 
  In December the town has a Krampus Festival. December 5th is Krampusnacht, a holiday celebrated in Germany and Austria. Krampus is the dark opposite of St. Nicholas. He is a half goat, half demon monster that punishes misbehaving children at Christmas time. While St. Nicholas rewards nice children with presents, Krampus beats those who are naughty with branches and sticks. Some legends say that he eats them or takes them to hell.

   The Nutcracker Museum holds thousands of Nutcrackers dating back a couple centuries. The different styles and varieties of the Nutcrackers and the history behind them was fascinating. My Grandmother collects them, so a stop at the museum to see so many different ones was a must for me.  

  So if you are ever traveling through Washington put Leavenworth on your list of places to visit. 

Now my journey continues for a few days on San Juan Island before heading to Bellingham, Washington for the Chanticleer book conference.


Julie Lence said...

What a cute village!! Thank you for sharing, T.K.! All the best to you at the Chanticleer conference.

Deborah said...

Bavarian villages crop up all over the U.S. I've visited a couple myself. One in Arkansas and one in Georgia. I love the architecture.